The alchemy of transformative mediation

Mediation is a transformative process, still we have not yet reached a common understanding of the transformative aspects through all disciplines. So why not use alchemy, the traditional form of transformation, as a starting point for the discussion on transformation? This discourse is then not one of the mind purely, but of our senses.

The first alchemic element is the earth, its process coagulatio. This is the sense of preparation, the grounding, that connects us to our inner core and prepares us to stay connected and not be perturbed by strong negative emotions. Possibilities for more grounding and resonance in mediation would for example be: bringing nature and beauty into the process as well as bringing magic moments into awareness.

The second element is the water, its process solutio. This is a sense of flow, turning hard positions into solutions (in both meanings of the word). Here again, a possibility to bring this into the mediation process is raising consciousness for the moments it is happening, including reflective moments. Flow also comes from the work with our own bodies, using them to feel impasse and thus being able to address it.

The third element is the air, its process sublimatio. This is a sense for the invisible but also a more distanted look on ourselves. In sublimatio, a sense of self can be developed. This is the door to mindful mediation. Taking mediation very personally means that each mediation process is a great learning moment for everyone involved. (Invisible) intuition are welcomed in our work and moments are incorporated in which we honestly look at what is happening (with us).

The last element is the fire, its process calcinatio. This is a sense of movement, dynamics and thus purification. Through action we manage to separate the important from the clutter of conflict. This means befriending anger as a dynamic mean for clarity and having the courage to go down negative paths. Bringing in fire also means leaving the zones of harmony and bringing in speed into the process.


Complete article on alchemy applied to mediation by Nadja Alexander


The alchemy of transformative mediation

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