Wir freuen uns, Ihnen hier Feedback von Teilnehmern präsentieren zu können / We’re happy to share feedback we received from participants.


“The ‘mediation moves’ event was a well-organized scientific conference bringing together specialists in mediation from all corners of the world! I really appreciated the innovative form of the conference, which included a pre-conference experts‘ meeting and also various workshops on mediation. The conference and the workshops, for example, were enriched with reflections and experiences that arose out of the pre-conference meeting. Everything was organized perfectly. With this momentous event, Prof. Ulla Glaesser has initiated a cycle of initiatives that will continue the theoretical and practical development of mediation in Europe and throughout the globe! Many thanks to Professor Glaesser and her team at European University Viadrina for such a wonderful event.”
Katarzyna Antolak-Szymanski,
Juraprofessorin an der SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny (Warschau)


“This was an outstanding few days and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. I sense that you (and the University) have a significant role to play as these important new ideas grow out of the old, or at least thrive alongside that which is familiar.”
John Sturrock, Mediator bei den Brick Court Chambers (London),
Visiting Professor, University of Edinburgh


„Den Inhalt der Konferenz empfand ich als qualitativ hochwertig, genauso wie die Auswahl der Referenten […]. Eine Herzlichkeit und Wärme von Gastgeberseite, als auch eine gute Informationsübermittlung durchmischten den Tag, der ihn zu einem Höhepunkt für mich
werden ließ.“
Simone Richter, Konferenzteilnehmerin,
Mediatorin in Leipzig


“[…] due to the Mediation Moves Conference, Ukrainian mediators will have now the first ever training in mediation supervision! When I made a call at the Conference to help us to improve our reflection practice and deeper understanding of the process, I had an immediate response from several mediators with suggestions on the various instruments that we can use for supervision.”
Tatiana Kyselova, Juraprofessorin an der Nationaluniversität
Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kiew)


“There was a lot to take back home from the conference: […] Above all, the commitment and enthusiasm of all the participants towards the conference and in the mediation process was commendable.”
Varuna Bhandari Gugnani,
Mediatorin am
Obersten Gerichtshof Neu-Delhi


“What a wonderful – and rare – opportunity to have 2 days with experienced colleagues for reflection and in-depth conversations. It was moving in all senses of that word. The organization of the conference was so professional and smooth that we did not even notice it but could concentrate on lovely professional input and exchanges. The conference provided great opportunities for practitioner-academician exchanges – thanks a lot for that!”
Lin Adrian, Leiterin des Masterstudiengangs Mediation,
Københavns Universitet (Kopenhagen)