Back to the Basics

Though each of us has a different mediation style, there are some basics that we all work with and that we agreed upon as a profession. Marion Uitslag has written a small book that brings together everything you absolutely need to know.

This book is not only relevant for mediation newcomers. In difficult situations there is usually a pretty simple solution: back to the absolute basics. Have we listened well? Have we visualized the point in the process we have reached? Are we still supporting them instead of consulting them? Have we taken decisions about who is right or what they should do? Those basic questions about what we do outside and inside bring us back to our path.

Marions book gives us all those insights in small chapters, on

  • the mediation definition, so we can know of we are still doing what we promise
  • the mediation process, so we can stay oriented
  • communication, so we can understand what is happening on a meta level
  • basic techniques, so we can come back to our main tools
  • examples of questions, so we can lead the way in a non-invasive way
  • and pitfalls, so we can check if we are still in the right state of mind or if maybe we are the problem.


The complete book: The-ins-and-outs-of-mediation


Back to the Basics
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